International Institute for Monitoring Democratic and Parliamentary Process

3 april 2018 Briefing on the first results of the study “The Internet and Electoral Campaigning” took place in Chisinau

The Chisinau branch of the IIMDD IPA CIS held a press conference on the study “The Internet and Electoral Campaigning”. The representatives of the media were informed on the first results of the opinion poll conducted in March-April 2018 jointly with the Association of Sociologists and Demographers of the Republic of Moldova.

Director of the Chisinau branch Evgeniy Shtirbu stressed the increased role played by the Internet in the electoral process and noted that it was highly important to regulate information and electoral campaigns held across the Web and prevent the spread of unreliable information about the candidates and political parties.

The research-based recommendations will be focused on the improvement of regulatory framework of the Republic of Moldova in the field of using the Internet in the course the elections. The final results will be presented at the roundtable in September 2018.