International Institute for Monitoring Democratic and Parliamentary Process

20 february 2018 Directors of IIMDD IPA CIS branches visited several regions of the Russian Federation as part of the long-term monitoring of the presidential elections in the Russian Federation

On 19-20 February 2018, members of the IPA CIS Observer Team – directors of the branches of the IIMDD IPA CIS made working visits to the regions of the Russian Federation.

In the Rostov region the observers met with Chair of the Election Commission of the Rostov region Andrey Burov who informed them about the training of the organizers of the elections, the cooperation of the election commissions of different level with the representatives of the media, civil society and human rights organizations. They also met with the representatives of the campaign offices of the two presidential candidates – Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zhirinovskiy, as well as with the leaders of civil society organizations performing election monitoring.

In the Novosibirsk region they met with Chair of the Election Commission of the Novosibirsk region Olga Blago, Minister of Regional Policy of the Novosibirsk region Igor Yakovlev, representatives of the campaign offices of Pavel Grudinin and Vladimir Putin, as well as the chairpersons of the territorial election commissions of Kirov and Zayeltsovsky districts of Novosibirsk.

The international observers also visited Tver region and Moscow where they met with the chairpersons of the city and regional election commissions.