International Institute for Monitoring Democratic and Parliamentary Process

13 december 2018 IIMDD IPA CIS Chisinau Branch held a roundtable Impact of Institutional Changes on Citizens’ Electoral Behavior

A roundtable Impact of Institutional Changes on the Citizens’ Electoral Behavior, organized by IIMDD IPA CIS Chisinau Branch, took place in Chisinau. The meeting brought together members of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, members of the Central Election Commission, Deputy Secretary General of the IPA CIS Council – Plenipotentiary Representative of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova Ion Lipciu, IIMDD IPA CIS staff members, leaders of political parties and political organizations, scientists, experts, and the media.

The participants of the round table discussed the institutional changes in Moldova since its independence, the influence of the properties of the electoral system on the electoral preferences of citizens, the current socio-political situation in Moldova and the prospects for the development of citizens’ electoral culture.

All recommendations developed in the framework of the study and voiced during the discussion will be systematized and submitted to the public authorities of the Republic of Moldova.