International Institute for Monitoring Democratic and Parliamentary Process

14 june 2018 IIMDD IPA CIS Chisinau Office published the outcome materials of the symposium “Electoral Process in the Age of Globalization”

The material includes the results of the study done by Doctor of Law Nikolai Osmokesku and Doctor of Sociology Andrei Dumbraveanu, and the presentations of the Conference participants.

Studying globalization and the electoral process in the context of sustainable development, Nikolai Osmokesku explored in detail the conditions, factors and the essence of globalization, its impact on the development of democratic processes; the influence of the society`s awareness level on the electoral process; the issues of the global spread of democracy and its effect on the electoral process.

Andrei Dumbraveanu analyzed the influence of international mass media on enhancing the electoral participation of citizens and explored the ways of aligning electoral spaces, as well as the issues related to leveraging internet technologies in electoral campaigns and suffrage implementation for the citizens living abroad.

The materials of the conference are available at the Chisinau Office website.