International Institute for Monitoring Democratic and Parliamentary Process

15 october 2017 IPA CIS observers are monitoring the voting to elect the President of the Kyrghyz Republic at the polling stations outside the country

The Kyrghyz Republic opened 37 polling stations in its diplomatic missions and consular posts in 26 countries, including Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China and the United Arab Emirates, to enable Kyrghyz citizens abroad to cast their votes.

From early morning the IPA CIS international observers have been carrying out the monitoring in Baku, Minsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Secretary General of the IPA CIS Council Alexey Sergeev is one the team members. He visited the polling station in St. Petersburg, located in the office of the Embassy of the Kyrghyz Republic. In conversation with the media he noted that the polling station was organized in strict compliance with the Kyrghyz Republic legislation. “The Kyrghyz Republic has one of the best electoral legal frameworks in the Commonwealth”, said Alexey Sergeev.