International Institute for Monitoring Democratic and Parliamentary Process

11 july 2017 IPA CIS Observers have been invited to monitor the election campaign of the President of the Kyrghyz Republic

Presidential elections have been announced to be held in the Kyrghyz Republic on 15 October 2017.

The Central Commission for Elections and Referendums of the Kyrghyz Republic invited the mission of observers from the IPA CIS to participate as international observers in monitoring the progress of the preparation and conduct of the forthcoming elections of the head of the Kyrgyz Republic.

International Institute for Monitoring Democracy Development, Parliamentarianism and Suffrage Protection of Citizens of IPA CIS Member Nations (IPA CIS IIMDD) was founded by the decision of the IPA CIS Council in 2006. The objectives of the Institute were monitoring of elections in the Commonwealth states and beyond, analysis of electoral legislation and development of recommendations based on observation of elections. Since the establishment of the IPA CIS IIMDD, its staff and experts have provided methodological and organizational support to the work of groups of international IPA CIS observers in all states participating in the IPA CIS, as well as in other countries.