International Institute for Monitoring Democratic and Parliamentary Process

17 may 2019 IPA CIS observers visit campaign headquarters of four presidential candidates of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The monitoring group held a meeting with head of faction in the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Azat Peruashev and chief of cabinet of the faction Aygul Zhumabaeva at the campaign office of the candidate for Democratic Party of Kazakhstan “Akzhol” Dania Espaeva. The observers reported on the activities within the framework of the long-term monitoring, while the headquarters representatives informed them on their electoral campaign noting that “Akzhol” party represents the interests of small and medium businesses.

A meeting with Satybaldy Dauletagin, co-head of the campaign office of candidate Amangely Taspikhov, took place in the headquarters of the Republican Community Association “Federation of Labor Unions”. According to the observers, the federation is putting much effort to build a public observers corps at all voting stations, since the association had not participated in forming territorial and local electoral commissions.

The IPA CIS international observers also met with Ali Bektaev, head of campaign office Toleutay Rakhimbekov, nominated by “Auyl” Democratic People’s Patriotic Party.

The same day the observers visited the campaign headquarters of the “Nur Otan” party, where they held a meeting with Ersain Ospanov, head of the Center for Legal Assessment of the campaign office of Kasym-Jomart Tokaev. Deputy Director of the IIMDD IPA CIS Ekaterina Goloulina informed the representative of the campaign office on the IPA CIS observer team activities.