International Institute for Monitoring Democratic and Parliamentary Process

1 february 2019 IPA CIS observers visited ATU Gagauzia on mission to monitor set-up of parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova

In the capital of the autonomous unit Gagauzia, the city of Komrat, the observers met with Deputy Chairperson of the Executive Committee Olesya Tanasoglo. He informed them on the details of the electoral campaign in the autonomous unit and the administration’s efforts to set-up the upcoming elections within its mandate. The team members described their objectives for the long-term monitoring in the run-up to the elections, and on the election day.

During the visit the observers attended the campaign headquarters of the candidates Nikolai Dudoglo and Alexander Sukhodolsky. The candidates shared their opinions on the launch of the campaigning stage, specifics of holding elections in Gagauzia, and the quality of the organization of the electoral process without making any comments on the activities of the election management bodies. The observers and the candidates also discussed the introduction of new campaigning tools, including the use of modern information technologies, and the specifics of interactions with different categories of voters.

The meetings with candidates continued in Chadyr-Lunga. There, they met with the MP of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova Fedor Gagauz.

At the end of their visit to the ATU, the team members met with Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission of Gagauzia Ivan Komur, who noted that the CEC of Gagauzia was providing comprehensive support for the district electoral boards in the territory of the unit.