International Institute for Monitoring Democratic and Parliamentary Process

27 october 2017 Results of the presidential elections in the Kyrgyz Republic discussed in St. Petersburg

A round table dedicated to the results of the presidential election in the Kyrgyz Republic, parliamentary elections in Austria, and municipal elections in Estonia was held in the Regional Information Center "TASS North-West". The event was organized by the Institute of Contemporary State Development and was supported by the Russian Association of Political Consultants.

Director of the International Institute of Monitoring Democratic Development, Parliamentarism and Suffrage for the IPA CIS Member Nations Dmitry Gladei and Head of the Department on work with local branches of the IIMDD for the IPA CIS Member Nations Roman Amburtsev took part in the round table. In their reports they noted that the recent elections were competitive and led to the democratic transfer of power to the newly elected President of the Kyrgyz Republic. According to them, the application during the elections of the technological innovations such as the system of biometric identification of voters as well as the electronic reading facilities was welcomed by the international observers from the CIS and European organizations and contributes to the increase of public trust in the voting process. These technologies could be also applied in other CIS countries.