17 september 2018 79th meeting of the CIS Economic Council took place in Moscow

The agenda of the meeting focuses on various areas of the CIS economic cooperation.

The Commonwealth vice-prime ministers discussed the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement and a number of intergovernmental programs, as well as numerous aspects of preparation for the 2020 population census in the CIS member states.

The Council also discussed the draft Agreement on the CIS Joint Activities in Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, the protocols on amending the CIS Cooperation Agreement on Development and Use of Cellular Mobile Communication Systems and on the Electronic Information Exchange for Tax Administration Operations, as well as the revised intergovernmental trust program “Recultivation of the territories of the states affected by uranium mining operations”.

The participants also coordinated the assessed contributions of the CIS member states for 2019 to finance the action plan for further development of medical and social care and raising life standards of war and local conflict veterans and their families until 2020.