20 july 2017 A regular meeting of the Economic Policies Commission at the CIS Economic Council took place in Moscow

The event brought together the plenipotentiary representatives of the member nations and staff members of CIS intergovernmental mechanisms and governing bodies of the Commonwealth. Deputy Chair of the CIS Executive Committee — CIS Executive Secretary Sergei Ivanov also took part in the meeting. The Agenda of the meeting included a number of issues related to the cooperation of the CIS Member Nations in the field of economy.

The meeting was chaired by the authorized representative of the Russian Federation in this Commission, Vladimir Vorobyov.

The participants of the meeting considered the draft Protocol Amending the Agreement on Rules for Determining the Country of Origin of Goods in the Commonwealth of Independent States dated November 20, 2009, as well as the issue of amending on the Regulations on the Coordination Transport Meeting of the CIS Member Nations. Members of the Commission on Economic Affairs analyzed the implementation of the provisions of the Treaty on a Free-Trade Area of October 18, 2011. The subject of the discussion were the results of the implementation of the Interstate Radio Navigation Program of the CIS Member Nations for the period until 2016, as well as the implementation of the Basic Directions of the development of the Radionavigation Plan of the CIS Member Nations for 2013-2017.