17 october 2018 Anniversary session of the CIS Intergovernmental Council on Hydrometeorology took place in Minsk

Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus Andrey Khudyk addressed the participants with a welcoming speech.

Director of the Department for Cooperation in Security and Countering New Challenges and Threats Albert Druzhinin welcomed the members of the Council on behalf of the CIS Executive Committee.

The Council’s activities contributed to the adoption of a number of strategic decisions for hydrometeorological offices within the Commonwealth. The most important were the CIS Hydrometeorological Security Concept and the CIS Strategy for Development of Hydrometeorological Activities. ML on Hydrometeorological Activities was developed; agreements on the intergovernmental hydrometeorological network, on cooperation in the field of active impact on meteorological and other geophysical processes were signed. The Drought Monitoring Centre and the North Eurasian Climate Center were also created.

On the basis of the proposals of the participating countries, 23 issues on the main activities of the CIS national hydrometeorological offices were submitted for consideration at the session.

Representatives of the World Meteorological Organization also took part in the session.