10 july 2017 CIS Intergovernmental Program of Innovative Cooperation is working

Over the course of a long period, the Commonwealth countries have been successfully cooperating within the framework of the CIS Intergovernmental Program of Innovative Cooperation, designed for the period up to 2020.

Currently, in accordance with the program, 11 projects are being implemented, and the issue of creating a unified system of innovation infrastructure for the purpose of competition in the world market. In the modern world, the development of innovative technologies allows you to interact with business, as well as support young people and start-up entrepreneurs.

As a result of the implementation of the program, it is planned to create a new zone of world technological leadership in the CIS area, to prepare a reserve for the knowledge economy and large-scale production of high technology goods and services, and to form corps of scientists, effective managers and entrepreneurs, which at long last will ensure economic, food and energy security and will improve the well-being of life of the population.