4 may 2018 International Victors’ forum “Great Victory, Achieved through Unity” ended its work in Briansk

The 8th International Victors’ forum “Great Victory, Achieved through Unity” dedicated to the anniversary of the Great Patriotic War brought together more than 250 delegates from across the CIS.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin conveyed his greetings to the participants.

The Forum was co-organized by the Development Foundation Institute of Eurasian Studies, Political Science Center North-South, Government of the Briansk region and the Russian National Civil Society Movement on the Commemoration of the Fallen Homeland Defenders Search movement of Russia with the support of the CIS Humanitarian Action Trust Fund and Presidential Grants Foundation.

As a the result of the deliberations, the delegates adopted the final resolution in which they reaffirmed their strong commitment to encouraging greater appreciation of the common historical memory, values of peace and humanity, willingness to fully contribute to maintain peoples’ solidarity in their struggle for the Great Victory.

The participants of the Forum also approved a range of practical initiatives including the launch of a large-scale intergovernmental project on the preparation for the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.