12 february 2019 IPA CIS and World Intellectual Property Organization signed a cooperation agreement

For the purpose of further developing cooperation with international partner organizations, the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly signed the Cooperation Agreement with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The WIPO is a self-financed UN agency, essentially, a global forum, within which 191 countries jointly address the issues of policy-making, cooperation, provision of services and information in the sphere of intellectual property (IP). The main WIPO objective is to build a balanced and efficient IP system, which promotes innovations and creativity. The mandate, rules of procedure and principles of functioning of the governing bodies are outlined in the WIPO Convention, upon which the organization was established in 1967.

The IPA CIS and the WIPO have been maintaining contacts for more than 20 years since the signing of the Memorandum on Cooperation on 2 July 1998. Lately, the organizations have stepped-up their cooperation. In October 2016, a meeting of the IPA CIS Council Secretary General with the WIPO Director General took place in Geneva, during which the parties expressed a common intention to bring the cooperation between the IPA CIS and the WIPO to a new level.

To enhance practical cooperation, the WIPO delegation took part in the autumn session of the IPA CIS in November 2016. A year later a joint seminar of the IPA CIS and the WIPO “The Value of the Marrakesh and Beijing Treaties” took place in St. Petersburg.

To keep up this momentum, Chairperson of the IPA CIS Council, Speaker of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko and Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization Francis Gurry signed a cooperation agreement between the IPA CIS and the WIPO, in accordance with which the parties agreed to ensure the promotion of the international treaties administrated by WIPO among the IPA CIS countries, organize joint activities on different aspects of intellectual property, facilitate, where applicable, technical assistance in the elaboration of IP-related model laws for the IPA CIS countries, share, as appropriate, relevant information, best practices, expertise and analytics, hold meetings and consultations, where necessary, to discuss matters of mutual interest.

The full text of the Agreement is available at >>>>.