10 july 2018 Meeting of the CIS MoI Council will take place in Baku

The meeting of the CIS MoI Council will take place from 19 to 21 July. The session is expected to discuss the implementation of the intergovernmental programs to combat crime and other relevant areas of cooperation among the CIS interior ministries (police).

The participants will address issues related to the exchange of information concerning persons participating in armed conflicts as members of terrorist organizations (international terrorist organizations) in third countries; improvement of mechanism of joint actions of the CIS internal affairs bodies (police) aimed at countering new kinds of crimes in the sphere of information technologies across the CIS.

In addition, the participants will focus on the issue of giving the status of the base CIS institution in the field of education, retraining and professional upgrade of specialists in combating information technology crimes to Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, as well as the organization of annual symposiums under the auspices of the CIS MoI Council.

The Council will also consider the preparation of draft instruments regulating the intergovernmental interaction in processing documentation needed for returning to the country of citizenship or permanent (predominant) residence of persons subject to forced expulsion from one CIS country to another, as well as international controlled delivery at the request of the CIS internal affairs bodies (police).

The Protocol on Amendments to the CIS Cooperation Agreement on Combating Theft of Motor Vehicles and Ensuring Their Return of 25 November 2005 is expected to be signed at the meeting.