19 october 2017 Representatives of executive bodies of the CIS member nations discussed the issues of cooperation in space sector

The VIII meeting of representatives of executive bodies of the CIS member nations on the issues of cooperation in the space sector took place in the capital of the Russian Federation.

The meeting brought together plenipotentiary representatives of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, representatives of the CIS Executive Committee, and research-based and research and design organizations in the space sector.

The participants stressed the importance of incremental transition from bilateral cooperation in the field of space to multilateral cooperation of the CIS member nations involving all states interested in taking stock of resources and capabilities of their existing space systems, technologies and ground infrastructure; confirmed their interest to join efforts in the exploration and peaceful uses of outer space, taking into account the priorities established by the Concept of Further Development of the CIS and the Action Plan on the Implementation of the Third Stage (2016-2020) of the CIS Economic Development Strategy until 2020.

The meeting also discussed the following issues:

-        implementation of the decisions of the meeting of representatives of the CIS executive bodies on the issues of cooperation in the space sector held on 12-13 October 2016 (Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan);

-        cooperation in the integration of the CIS ground infrastructure, using the signals of the GLONASS system;

-        joint development of competitive high-tech navigation equipment and means of functional supplements of the GLONASS system;

-        cooperation to implement the project “R&D Efforts to Design Scientific and Technology Solutions for the Building of the Multipurpose Aerospace Predictive Monitoring System and Integrated Situational Reporting Services for Warning Information on Natural and Man-Made Disasters in Russia and the CIS Countries" within the Federal Target Program on R&D in the Priority Areas of the Scientific and Technology Complex of Russia for 2014-2020”;

-        cooperation in the sphere of normative and technical support of jointly implemented projects;

-        cooperation in developing systems for monitoring man-made pollution of near-Earth space;

-        participation of the relevant CIS member nations in the Eurasian technological platform “Space and Geo- Information Technologies – Products of Global Competitiveness” developed as a result of the joint efforts of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia.