23 august 2017 State material reserves management in the CIS countries were discussed in Minsk

The XIII session of the CIS Advisory Board of Heads of State Material Reserves Bodies was held in the headquarters of the CIS Executive Committee in Minsk.

First Deputy Chairman of the CIS Executive Committee Viktor Guminsky addressed the Board members with a welcome speech. During the meeting, participants summarized the results of the work of the Advisory Board in 2016 and 2017, discussed the work of the CIS Base Organization on Scientific and Technical Development of State Material Reserves Systems and on Training and Professional Upgrade of Personnel during this period, and analyzed the implementation plan for stage III (2016–2020) of the CIS Economic Development Strategy until 2020.

The members of the Advisory Board heard and discussed the information on the procedure of withdrawal of material assets from the state reserves of the Republic of Belarus during liquidation of emergency situations and their consequences and humanitarian assistance, on the process of automation of the accounting system of the state reserves in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and on the key areas of developing state material reserves system in the Russian Federation.