IPA CIS Secretariat

29 may 2018 Eurasian cooperation as a factor of security and stability in the multi-polar world to be discussed in the Tavricheskiy Palace

On 31 May, the headquarters of the IPA CIS will be the venue of the 7th International Symposium the “Tavricheskaya Perspective”: Eurasian Cooperation as an Important Factor of Security and Stability in the Multi-Polar World.

The conference is co-organized by the IPA CIS Council Secretariat and St. Petersburg State University of Economics.

The conference will bring together Russian and foreign scientists, heads and specialists of state and private organizations, experts, professors, under- and post-graduate students. It is aimed at focusing on the main trends and problems of Eurasian integration as a strategic actor in global geopolitical realities.

The conference is expected to discuss the key issues of theory and practice of Eurasian cooperation, including political and economic factors of promoting Eurasian partnership, historical, social and cultural aspects of forming Eurasian identity.