Tavricheskiy palace

22 may 2019 V International Summit of Nurses takes place in the Tavricheskiy Palace

V International Summit of Nurses “Role of Nurse in Withstanding Chronic Diseases” kicks off in the Tavricheskiy Palace, the IPA CIS headquarters. The event is aimed at honest and open discussion of the role of nurses, paramedics, midwifes in providing help for the patients with chronic diseases, from primary prevention to maintaining chronic patients and complex coordination of help by nurses themselves.

Traditionally, the summit is dated to the International Day of Nurse celebrated worldwide on 12 May. It brought together staff members of medical institutions from various regions of the Russian Federation and foreign states, representatives of relevant institutions, members of national and international unions of nurses.

The exhibition “Modern Nursing” is taking place in the Tavricheskiy Palace within the framework of the summit, presenting leading Russian and European manufacturers and suppliers of medical products.

On 23 May, the participants will continue their work within the III Forum of BRICS Nursing Associations.