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31 january 2020 CIS Experts Agreed on Documents on Cooperation Development in Combating Oncological Diseases

The CIS Executive Committee in Minsk held additional meetings of expert groups on finalizing draft documents related to cooperation in the field of combating oncological diseases in the form of video conferencing.

The meeting brought together representatives of the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, the WHO Regional Office for Europe, the Association for Directors of Centers and Institutes of Oncology and Radiology of the CIS and Eurasian Countries, the CIS Executive Committee. Secretary of the IPA CIS Permanent Commission on Social Policy and Human Rights, Executive Secretary of the IPA CIS Board of Experts on Public Health Evgenia Vladimirova represented the IPA CIS at the meeting.

The experts finalized and agreed on two draft documents: the Plan of Actions on Implementing the CIS Concept of Cooperation in Combating Oncological Diseases for 2020-2024 and the CIS Provisions on Basic Organization in the Field of Combating Oncological Diseases. The experts decided to forward the documents to the CIS countries for the approval at the domestic level and then submit them for the consideration of the CIS Economic Council.

The Plan of Actions on Implementing the CIS Concept of Cooperation in Combating Oncological Diseases is aimed at improving publichealth by reducing mortality from malignant neoplasms, facilitating longer and better lives for cancer patients.

The draft Plan provides for development (improvement) of national plans (programs) for combating oncological diseases, for the prevention, early detection, screening and treatment of oncological diseases, as well as for rehabilitation and palliative care. It is expected to develop and provide effective mechanisms for the scientific support of anti-cancer measures, including the intergovernmental ones.

It is anticipated that the implementation of principles and approaches for the early diagnosis of oncological diseases, high-tech treatment option, highly effective drug therapy and radiotherapy and other methods will contribute to the public health and ensure longevity.

The National Medical Research Radiology Center of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation was invited to give the status of the basic CIS organization in the field of oncology.