International Institute for Monitoring Democratic and Parliamentary Process

29 june 2019 IPA CIS IIMDD expert group have begun to short-term monitoring of the elections of Governor (Bashkan) of Gagauzia

As part of the short-term monitoring of the elections of the Head (Bashkan) of the ATU Gagauzia in the Republic of Moldova, members of the IPA CIS IIMDD expert group, accredited by the Central election Commission of the Republic of Moldova as international and national observers, held a number of meetings in city Comrat with participants in the electoral process.

In the first half of the day, the observers met with the candidate for the post of Bashkan ATU Gagauzia Irina Vlah and told her about the activities of the Chisinau branch of IPA CIS IIMDD.

Later, the expert group met with another candidate for the post of Governor of Gagauzia Ivan Bugurji. He shared with the observer his vision of the preparations for the elections and gave their own assessment of a number of provisions of current election legislation of the Republic.

Then the observers visited the CEC ATO Gagauzia, where they met with its members and Chairman Ivan Komur. Ivan Komur told the IPA CIS experts about the preparations for the vote, the process of production and distribution of ballots.

On the same day, experts held a meeting with the candidate for the post of Bashkan ATO Gagauzia Dmitry Manol. The observers informed him about the work of the expert group and the plans for monitoring on the E-day and asked the candidate about the electoral process. Dmitry Manol gave an assessment of the current campaign and also highlighted that on the day of voting, its representatives plans to monitor all polling stations.

In the evening IPA CIS observers, visited the headquarters of the candidate for the post of Governor of Gagauzia Sergey Chimpoesha. The candidate and his staff informed the observers about the course of the agitation campaign, the use of opportunities for visual propaganda.