International Institute for Monitoring Democratic and Parliamentary Process

30 june 2019 IPA CIS IIMDD observers monitored voting in the election of Governor (Bashkan) of Gagauzia

On the E-day, Head (Bashkan) of the ATO Gagauzia, IIMDD observers from among the accredited by the CEC of the Republic of Moldova covered various stages of the voting procedure from the opening of polling stations to the counting of votes by precinct electoral bureaus.

Observers during the day visited one district electoral Council and 21 of the 66 polling stations in city Comrat and Comrat district, as well as the town of Vulcanesti and Vulcanesti district.

The polling stations were attended by proxies from the candidates for the post of the Bashkan ATO Gagauzia, participating in the elections, international observers, observers from public organizations and media. According to the observers, this contributed to the openness and transparency of voting, that meets the requirements of the Convention on standards of democratic elections, electoral rights and freedoms in the CIS. Moreover, these elections were held for the first time with the use of video surveillance at all polling stations of the Gagauzia ATO.

CEC ATO Gagauzia resolved that the elections held according to preliminary calculations of the voter turnout.

On the basis of the monitoring, the observers came to the general conclusion that the elections of the Head (Bashkan) of the Gagauzia ATO held on 30 June 2019 recognized democratic principles and norms of the organization and conduct of free and fair elections.