30 march 2018 Council of the Permanent Representatives and Economic Policies Commission at the CIS Economic Council held a joint meeting via videoconferencing

The Executive Committee branch in Moscow and the CIS headquarters provided a venue for the joint meeting via videoconferencing of the Council of the Permanent Representatives of the CIS Member Nations at the Statutory and Other Bodies of the Commonwealth and the Economic Policies Commission at the CIS Economic Council.

Yuri Andreev joined the meeting in Minsk via videoconferencing on behalf of the IPA CIS Council Secretariat.

The participants of the meeting considered the draft agenda of the regular meeting of the Council of the CIS Heads of Government to be held in Dushanbe on 1 June 2018. It features the issues related to the Agreement on Free Trade in Services, formation and development of the intellectual property market, cooperation of the CIS countries in the field of energy, intergovernmental standardization, electronic and electrical waste management, development and funding of the intergovernmental innovation projects and activities. It was decided to forward the draft agenda and the related materials to the CIS Member Nations along with the Ukraine’s note concerning its position on some issues.

The meeting also discussed the issue of cooperation between the CIS Executive Committee and the Eurasian Economic Commission in the field of legal framework development.

The participants of the meeting also stressed the importance of promoting and extending partnership between the CIS and the UN agencies, assistance in implementation of the Plan of Actions on Implementing the Concept of the Presidency of the Republic of Tajikistan in the CIS in 2018 and the activities related to the CIS Year of Culture.

In addition, the joint meeting approved the report on the activity of the CIS Advisory Board for Standardization, Metrology and Certification established in 1992 on the organization and follow-up of implementation of the CIS supreme bodies' decisions.