5 april 2018 Issues and prospects of theaters are discussed in St. Petersburg

In the run-up to the 20th International Festival of CIS and Baltic Countries Meetings in Russia, the 2nd Congress of the Association of Russian Theater Workers Abroad started its work in St. Petersburg. Some representatives of Russian theaters are participating in the Congress. The event addresses the problems and prospects of promotion of theaters.

Head of the Department of Model Law-Making in Social and Humanitarian Field, Secretary of the IPA CIS Permanent Commission on Culture, Information, Tourism and Sport Konstantin Pshenko delivered a welcome address for the participants on behalf of the IPA CIS Council Secretariat. He stressed that 2018 was declared the Year of Culture in the CIS countries and noted that the promotion of cooperation in the field of culture strongly relied on a solid regulatory basis. To this date, 524 model laws have been adopted by the IPA CIS, more than one hundred of them in the humanitarian field including the model laws on Promotion of Culture, on Theaters and Show Business, on Promotion of Languages, on Patronship of Arts and Sponsorship, on Cultural Heritage.

The Congress will also feature the Fair of Joint Projects and Festival Programs, the Fair of Young Film Makers.

On 6 April the Baltic House will provide a venue for the opening ceremony of the 20th International Festival of CIS and Baltic Countries Meetings in Russia. The guests of the festival will see the show Demon based on the work of Mikhail Lermontov presented by Chingiz Aitmatov State National Russian Drama Theater (Bishkek) and directed by Vladimir Pankov.