22 july 2019 MIR channel correspondent Aidyn Mekhtiev requires emergency surgery

The MIR correspondent Aidyn Mekhtiev struggles severe disease. The diagnose is a stage-three cancer. Only American surgeons agree to perform a surgery, which with 85% chance will save Aidyn’s life.

There is no hope for cure in Russia anymore. Aidyn has been treated in three hospitals, has done 15 chemotherapies and 29 radiotherapies, but a fist-size tumor hasn’t shrunk. The doctors’ verdict was like a thunderclap: inoperable.

The oncological hospitals in the US perform such operations with success. Professor, who examined the patient from Russia, gives a positive prospects: 85% probability of full treatment. However, together with the rehabilitation the surgery will cost over 50 000 US dollars. The Aidyn’s family does not have that much money, and the hope remains with the help of concerned people.

You can transfer the money right now to Aidyn’s card: 5469 3800 6916 2781.

Sberbank MasterCard
Cardholder: Mekhtiev Aidyn Gidayatovich
Card No.: 5469 3800 6916 2781
Recipient’s account: 408 178 102 382 916 070 99

For transfers in rubles:
Recipient: Мехтиев Айдын Гидаятович
Recipient’s Bank: Московский банк Сбербанка России г. Москва
Recipient’s Bank TIN: 770 708 38 93
Correspondent Account: 301 018 104 000 000 00 225
Division Code in the Place of Card Account Maintenance (for Sberbank internal transfers): 389 038 017 63
Division Address in the Place of Card Account Maintenance: г. Москва, Преображенская площадь, д. 7а, стр.1
Recipient Bank BIC: 044 525 225