IPA CIS Council

30 june 2019 Congratulation of the Chairperson of the Council of IPA CIS on the International Day of Parliamentarism

                                                                      Dear colleagues!

I congratulate you on the International Day of Parliamentarism!

This new memorable date appeared in the official calendar of The United Nations on 22 may 2018 by the proposal of the IPA CIS and the Interparliamentary Union, initiated by the Russian delegation. The holiday emphasizes the importance of parliamentary work, the important role of parliamentary diplomacy in improving the security and quality life of people around the world, maintaining global stability on Earth.

Today, each state has formed and operates legislative (representative) authorities. They reflect the opinion of the people, strive to defend the interests of civil society, human rights, do everything possible to protect national priorities. It is necessary to strengthen interparliamentary cooperation, engage in constructive dialogue and effectively interact with foreign partners, and jointly improve the international legal system in order to solve the topical problems of our time, ensure sustainable economic growth and well-being of future generations.

I am sure that, if we base on the best parliamentary traditions, we will be able to further develop the fundamental institutions of democracy and popularize their activities.

I wish you all new successes and achievements in the name of prosperity of the Fatherland!

                                                                                                                        Valentina Matvienko