Таврический дворец

22 августа 2012 IPA CIS delegation to attend a Mega-Festival “Kievan Ruthenia Park”

On August 24-26, the IPA CIS delegation will attend a Mega-Festival “Kievan Ruthenia Park”. This year the Festival will feature the most colorful and grandiose theme event “ Legends of Ancient Kiev of IX-XI Centuries” – the largest historical reconstruction event in Ukraine and in Europe – hosting higher up 700 participants from all over the world: remakers from the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, as well as artists, musicians and craftsmen.

"Legends of Ancient Kiev of IX-XI Centuries" is sponsored by the IPA CIS, Ministry of Culture of the Ukraine, Government of the Kiyevskaya oblast. IPA CIS delegation will award prizes – replicas of arms and armor of the period (swords, maces, holsters).

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