IPA CIS Council

12 april 2018 IPA CIS spring session kicks off in the Tavricheskiy Palace

On 12 April 2018 the IPA CIS Council meeting with the participation of the heads of the IPA CIS parliamentary delegations will take place in the Reading Hall of the Tavricheskiy Palace – the IPA CIS Headquarters.

At the meeting the Council members are expected to consider a number of issues related to the activities of the IPA CIS and the IPA CIS Council Secretariat, draw the conclusions of such activities in 2017 and discuss the action plan for the upcoming period.

On 13 April the IPA CIS 47th Plenary Session will deliberate in the Dumsky Hall of the Tavricheskiy Palace. The main topic of the session is the Intercultural Dialogue of the Commonwealth Countries: Status, Prospects and :Legal Support which is dedicated to the Year of Culture in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The parliamentary delegations of the IPA CIS Member Nations will take part in the meeting of the Assembly and discuss the model documents drafted by the members of permanent commissions and experts.