IPA CIS Council

28 march 2017 Valentina Matvienko: "Much depends on parliaments in the work to fight against terrorism"

IPA CIS Council Chairperson Valentina Matvienko and OSCE PA President Chrisitne Muttonen answered the questions of journalists

IPA CIS Council Chairperson, Speaker of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko stressed the significance and importance of the Parliamentary Conference on Combating International Terrorism co-hosted by the IPA CIS and OSCE PA.

"It is important that IPA CIS and OSCE PA are co-hosting the parliamentary conference on the serious matter of terrorism. The Conference is a quite a representative event bringing together delegates from various countries, OSCE PA members, heads of CIS parliaments. The first session featured a substantial and interesting discussion", sail Valentina Matvienko.

"There was a very useful exchange on law-making practices", notes the IPA CIS Chairperson.

Valentina Matvienko stressed that the Conferenced offered a useful experience and expressed satisfaction with the development of cooperation with OSCE PA.

"Parliaments significantly contribute to the stand against terrorism. We create the legal framework, the laws helping law-enforcement agencies and our society prevent terrorist attacks", stressed Valentina Matvienko.

OSCE PA President Christine Muttonen expressed confidence in the need for further fight against terrorism and building a relevant legal framework. "We need to align our agendas and continue our dialog", noted Christine Muttonen.

She thanked the Russian colleagues for hosting the Conference in St. Petersburg and supported the need for continuing the dialog with the IPA CIS.

"The OSCE PA will take note of the idea to establish a Counter-Terrorism committee under its umbrella", said Chrisitine Muttonen. She added that the relevant decision will be debated in July this year.

"Hopefully, we will be able to create such a mechanism within the OSCE PA", concluded Christine Muttonen.