IPA CIS Expert Advisory Board on Economy

The IPA CIS Expert Advisory Board on Economy was established to provide the IPA CIS Permanent Commissions with the academic support, expert advice, information assistance and cooperation with the CIS academic and research institutions, as well as to facilitate development of the IPA CIS model law-making in the economic sphere.

The IPA CIS Expert Advisory Board on Economy:

  • provides expert support for draft model economic documents under consideration by the IPA CIS Permanent Commissions;
  • analyzes the CIS Member Nations’ legislation in their fields;
  • makes proposals to improve the current model legislation of the CIS countries;
  • presents expert opinions on issues of interest to the Commission;
  • assists interaction of the IPA CIS permanent commissions with ministries, departments, academic, educational, production and other specialized organizations of the CIS Member Nations, as well as academia, specialists and experts of the Commonwealth;
  • monitors the application of adopted model legislation, recommendations and other documents;
  • promotes participation of the IPA CIS in practical implementation of the economic development strategy of the CIS;
  • conducts examination of model legislation and other documents by decision of the relevant IPA CIS permanent commissions;
  • prepares analytical reports and other information and reference materials for the IPA CIS Council, profile permanent commissions of the IPA CIS, provides advisory and methodological assistance to the developers of draft model laws, recommendations and other documents.

Chair of the IPA CIS Expert Advisory Board on Economy

MAKSIMTSEV Igor Anatolyevich - Rector of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Doctor of Economics