Kyrgyz Republic

Кыргызская Республика (Russian), Кыргыз Республикасынын (Kirghiz), Kyrgyz Republic (English)

Сapital: Bishkek 
Оfficial languages: Kyrgyz (state), Russian (official). 
Geography: Located in the east of Central Asia, saddling the Western and Central ridges of the Tienshan mountains and northern reaches of the Pamir. Borders Kazakhstan to the north,  Uzbekistan to the east, Tajikistan to the south-west and China to the east.
Area: 199 900  sq km 
Territorial division: Three-tier territorial division. First tier – seven oblasts and 2 cities administered by the central government. 
Population: 6,6 mio (2021
Area code: +996 
Currency: som (KGS), one som = 100 tayin

Kyrgyz Republic
Kyrgyz Republic

Jogorku Kenesh

Established in 1990 at the terminal session of the republican Supreme Soviet transforming itself into the first session of Jogorku Kenesh. In 1995 – 2005 the parliament was bicameral. Since 2005 it is unicameral.

Seats: 90 

Out of the 90 seats, 54 are elected by proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency, and 36 in single-seat districts. Eligibility age is 21 years.