Expert Advisory Boards provide academic support for the work of the IPA CIS Permanent Commissions. Expert Advisory Boards provide them with advice and information, and ensure interaction with academic and research institutions of the Commonwealth countries to improve the model legislative framework of the IPA CIS.

Expert Advisory Boards are formed in accordance with the proposals of the IPA CIS parliaments from among the members of relevant committees of parliaments, academia, specialists and experts who have special knowledge and significant experience in various fields.

IPA CIS Expert Advisory Board on Public Health

IPA CIS Expert Advisory Board on Economy

Expert Advisory Board at the IPA CIS Permanent Commission on Legal Issues

Expert Advisory Board of the IPA CIS and the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications

IPA CIS Expert Advisory Board on Science and Education

Expert Advisory Boards

Expert Advisory Boards - permanent consultative and advisory bodies of the Interparliamentary Assembly of CIS Member Nations, acting on a voluntary basis.