IPA CIS Press Service

The mission of the IPA CIS Press Service is to provide efficient media coverage of the IPA CIS activities. It is also responsible for media registration at major international events hosted in the Tavricheskiy Palace. We are open to individual requests of our colleagues – representatives of TVR stations, print and other media outlets, such as an interview or harvesting specific information from the officials in the Palace. Taking your questions is our job. So, reach out to the receiver or a keyboard and let us have your question right here!


How to register for IPA CIS events in the Tavricheskiy or in the Parliamentary Center?

Registration is electronic. At major events with several hundred applications from the media, an electronic registration form will be posted on the official site of the event (eg. www.ecocongress.info or www.road-safety.ru). Just fill in the form!

Simplified registration means simply an e-mail indicating:

  • Media name
  • position
  • personal names
  • place and date of birth
  • ID number or registration
  • List of equipment and serial numbers
  • License plate number of a vehicle for motorized access to handle the hardware(not parking!)
  • License plate number of a vehicle Fly (for parking and deployment of an antenna)

How to acquire the comments or plan an interview with an IPA CIS official?

To solicit comments on a relevant subject matter, first call the Press Service for a preliminary indication of the subject matter and double it with an e-mail with a list of questions at the addresses below. We will duly contact you to pursue your request.

Pavel Pashnov
Chief, Press Service, IPA CIS Secretariat
call: +7(812) 404-57-04