First St. Petersburg Cadet ball Held in Tavricheskiy Palace

04 April 2024

First St. Petersburg Cadet ball Held in Tavricheskiy Palace

It was attended by pupils of cadet classes from 53 schools in St. Petersburg. 150 couples danced in historic Catherine Hall of Tavricheskiy Palace in Polonaise, Waltz, Pas de Grace, Mazurka and Polka. Ball ended with a parade march “Glory to Motherland”.

Best cadets were invited to the first ball, who showed talents not only in choreography, but also in studies, creativity, and sports. They have been preparing for this event for several months.

Tradition of holding cadet balls in Russia dates back more than one century. Training in cadet corps has always included not only military training, but also development of moral values, respect for traditions and history of their country, priority of honor, dignity and love for Motherland.

Vice Governor of St. Petersburg Irina Potekhina noted that among skills and talents of a real officer – ability to handle weapons, knowledge of engineering, courage, bravery and strength – historically there was also ability to dance. This tradition is being revived in St. Petersburg.

Ball was organized by State budgetary non-typical St. Petersburg educational institution “Baltic Coast”, among co-organizers were Security Service for the Northwestern Federal District of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, Academy of Talents of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg City Palace of Youth Creativity.