Republic of Moldova

Республика Молдова (Russian), Republica Moldova (Moldovan), Republic of Moldova (English)

Capital: Cisinau 
Official language: Moldovan  
Geography: South East Europe bordering Romania and the Ukraine

Area:  33 846 sq km 
Territorial division:  32 rayons, five municipia and two autonomous territories: Gagaouz and Transdniestria further subdivided into communities and townships or residencies.

Population: 3.6 mio (2012)   
Area code: +373 
Currency: ley (MDL), one ley = 100 ban

Republic of Moldova
Republic of Moldova


Established on 26 April 1990 as a successor of the Supreme Soviet of the Moldovan Soviet Republic. It is the main deliberative and legislative body of the country.

Seats: 101 

Mandates:  MPs are elected for four-year terms through general, equal, free, direct elections with personal and secret ballot. Mandates are open for contest for citizens of over 18 years old.

Zinaida Greceanii

Zinaida Greceanii

Republic of Moldova
Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova