Republic of Moldova

Республика Молдова (Russian), Republica Moldova (Moldovan), Republic of Moldova (English)

Capital: Chisinau 
Official language: Moldovan  
Geography: South East Europe bordering Romania and the Ukraine

Area:  33 846 sq km 
Territorial division:  32 rayons, five municipia and two autonomous territories: Gagaouzia
and Transnistria further subdivided into communities and townships or residencies.
Population: 2,5 mio (2021)   
Area code: +373 
Currency: ley (MDL), one ley = 100 ban

Republic of Moldova
Republic of Moldova


Established on 26 April 1990 as a successor of the Supreme Soviet of the Moldovan Soviet Republic. It is the main deliberative and legislative body of the country.

Seats: 101 

Mandates:  MPs are elected for four-year terms through general, equal, free, direct elections with personal and secret ballot. Mandates are open for contest for citizens of over 18 years old.